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     In 1912 Marjorie MacTavish leaves Glasgow, Scotland to catch the maiden voyage of the Titanic accompanied by her fiance. On board Marjorie befriends Loretta Quarles. Although Marjorie and Loretta survive the sinking of the Titanic, the former's fiance dies in the tragedy. In 1915 Marjorie resides in San Francisco where she works as secretary and personal companion to Loretta.

     She enjoys her work for her outspoken friend, a champion of women's suffragette, but feels Loretta's childhood friend Dr. Jason Abernathy is a nuisance and the bane of her existence. Jason enjoys teasing Marjorie, who he would like to see on a social basis, but she rejects his minor advances. He even joins the church choir to be near her. When his nursing assistant Lo Sing informs him that a tong war in Chinatown has injured many people, Jason and Marjorie go to help.

     As she sees a different side of the doctor, Marjorie begins to fall in love, not knowing she already owns Jason's heart. In her third "perfect" historical romance (see A PERFECT STRANGER and A PERFECT ROMANCE), Anne Robins provides a terrific tale that enables the audience to get a close look at San Francisco just prior to the United States entering WWI. Especially intriguing is Chinatown and the treatment of Chinese including specific prejudicial racial laws aimed at control of the Asian immigrant population.

     The romance between the lead couple is charmingly presented even when the duo works as a team providing medical care to Chinese victims of the tong war and other racially motivated incidents. A PERFECT WEDDING is a fine early twentieth century Americana tale.
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