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Risible nuptials: "Wedding Crashers" is 'a sensational dirty joke of a movie.'

     The first 15 minutes of Wedding Crashers are about as good as American comedy gets. Washingtonians John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Klein (Vince Vaughn) work as divorce mediators, and as the movie opens, we see them browbeat a husband and wife who would just as soon kill each other as settle their outstanding issues into a conciliatory deal--so long as the two guys finally just stop their incessant yammering.

     Their business might be divorce mediation, but their true vocation lies elsewhere. John and Jeremy are professional wedding crashers, who search the engagement columns of the Washington Post for promising nuptials where the food will be plentiful and the unattached bridesmaids numerous. It's June--wedding season--and, like Runyonesque horse players heading up to Saratoga, John and Jeremy have already determined which of the month's events are going to attract their attention....You can read more.

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